Colors for days | The Chup S/S 2023 collection

Running with that "Colors for Days" tagline, Chup socks guarantee to add a splash of color to the often overlooked element of the kit. Chup is coming after S/S '23 in full force, with an array of options that are geared up to keep your feet fresh. Vibrant colors and contrasting patterns drawing inspiration from native and indigenous cultures from around the world, Chup has been steadfast in their ethos of celebrating ethnic culture and heritage. Alongside their crew length offerings, this season's collection sees the arrival of several middle and ankle styles as well, something you'll thank us for later when that heat gets real in a few months. With a plethora of options to choose from this season, we selected a few of our favorites to introduce prior to the release of the full collection:
  • Silts: Named after the Latvian word for warm, the Silts socks feature traditional geometric patterns that are unique to Latvian hand-knitted mittens.
  • Sol Brillante: "Sol Brillante" means "Brillant Sun" in Spanish. The design of these socks mimics the colors and patterns of New Mexico's relaxing cityscape. 
  • Muerto: The colors and patterns of the Muerto socks pay homage to the traditional Mexican festival "Día de los Muertos", also known as "Day of the Dead". The festival celebrates the living and dead, and it is celebrated with colorful skulls and skeletons as the holiday is portrayed as a joyous event.
  • Nupuri: "Nupuri" is the Ainu word for "Mountain". The Ainu are the indigenous people of Hokkaido, these socks draw color and pattern inspirations from Japanese mountains.

The Chup S/S 2023 collection drops on 3/29 @ Midnight (JST)