The Factory Made's F/W 2021 Collection

The Factory Made once again have our jaws to the floor with their fresh styles for F/W 2021. Not just limited to stellar dome pieces this season (believe us - there are a lot), expect a few surprises from the Osaka based hatmakers this time round! Prior the launch we wanted to tip our hats to a few of our favorite pieces coming fresh off the press.

The Factory Made Distressed Multi 6-panel Sashiko Cap

We wanted to call this the "Great Sashiko Bank Robbery" because Factory Made must have made off with an entire vault's worth of fabrics to execute this one.
Enjoy a seriously diverse range of the quintessentially Japanese fabric in this impeccably constructed 6-panel cap. The brim's "Boro" aesthetic is a wonderful homage to Japan's rich history with textiles. Back in a time when buying new garments was simply out of the question for most folks, stitching and repairing using smaller pieces of fabric gave well-worn clothing new life.
Now if only they made a hat entirely out of that fabric...

The Factory Made Boro Sashiko 6-Panel Cap

Ask and you shall receive!
Here we have Factory Made's Boro Sashiko Caps, delivering all of that "repaired with love" aesthetic, without you having to ever pick up a sewing needle. Featuring a soft brim and 6-panel construction, you can fully appreciate the insane texture tip on this dome piece.
A nice touch are the additions of the felt F (for Factory) and M (Made) logos featured on the front. You're onto a winner if your name is Fred or Michael!

 *For the purpose of impartiality, we simply picked the first two names beginning with F and M that came into our heads.

The Factory Made A-3 Military Mechanics Work Cap

We love a bit of Military history here at OD. The USAAF A-3 Military Cap traces its origins back to WWII, and quickly became a favorite among air crews due to its light weight, comfortable fit and stylish design. Due to the malleability of the fabric, the raised visor look quickly became popular, and personnel also started to customize their own hats with stencil and painted designs. Today, some period-worn A-3 Work Caps are treasured as valuable military artifacts, especially taking into account how personal customization of military property really took off during and after WWII.
TFM have replicated the true look and feel of this vintage-era work cap with a touch of stencil work featured on the side, bearing the USAAF insignia from WWII. How you customize it from here is up to you Airman!

The Factory Made "Chuo Boshi" 6-Panel Cap

Here in Japan we love a bit of baseball, but for those of you who have been to Osaka you will know that the game is almost as important as family and good health. Ask any Hanshin Tigers fan if you don't believe us... 
The Osaka based TFM fam have knocked the ball out of the park with their "Chuo Boshi" 6-panel. The front embroidery features the kanji for "Central" (中央) and "Hat" (帽子), representing the parent company of Factory Made. The butterfly stitching on the side is a nod to one of the company's longest running brands, with the motif also being displayed next to the company signage of their main factory.

The Factory Made Shetland Wool Muffler

While we stand by The Factory Made as thespecialists of Made in Japan hats, they do make a damn fine muffler as well!
The outer-ply features a Shetland Wool x Cotton bi-blend. Shetland wool has been produced since the early 1900s and is known to be very durable and hardy. No surprise given the very cold climate in Northern Scotland. Combined with an uber thick Alpaca fleece boa lining, this one is going to keep your neck toasty during the colder months.
Given the extra beefy nature of the fabric in tandem with the ultra-warm boa lining, the hole-to-loop serves as the well needed touch of functionality to ensure a very comfortable wrap around the wearer's neckline.

The Factory Made Teddy Bears

Can we just start by saying we had a ton of fun getting the pictures of these.
TFM have unleashed their playful side to bring to us these utterly adorable Sashiko and Denim Teddy Bears. While they don't come alive when no one's around, the teddy bears feature wooden button secured articulating limbs for you to pose at your will.
Featured on the back of each bear is TFM's signature 日本謹製(Humbly Made in Japan) rayon tag.

The Factory Made Bulldogs

The OD crew was so besotted by these that at one point out of sight, Ryo was overheard saying "who's a good boy!" while he had his hands on one.
At this stage, we are losing productivity from adoring these too much so please, won't someone give these good bois a loving home?!
Available in a 10oz. Nep Denim or Sashiko fabric, these are dropping in very limited quantities so don't miss out on a chance to own one of these poochy pals - made with love by TFM.

The Factory Made F/W 2021 collection drops on 9/17 @ Midnight (JST)