The Japan Blue Group F/W 2021 Collection | Drop 2


Welcoming the second set of arrivals coming in from the Japan Blue Group camp - a stellar selection to scratch the surface. Whether you're looking for something to wrap up warm in for the colder months, or something a little more quirky to stand out this season, there's something in here for everyone. Peep the latest additions to the collection below:

Momotaro Raindrop Camo Shirt  ($175)

We're not entirely sure of the practical application of this camoflage in the field, but we love it for it's uniqueness anyway.
Military-inspired through and through, raindrop or "Stritchtarn" camo as it is officially known was first adopted by the East German military in 1965, and saw use all the way up to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Various adaptations have also been used by numerous Warsaw Pact countries with the iconic vertical streaks taking on many different color forms over the years.

Momotaro Half Raglan Stretch Shirt  ($195)

When we first laid our eyes on this piece six months ago, it was a no brainer,  complete with that irregularity and texture we adore.
Starting with the fabric, here we have a dobby-like weave which is infused with 3% PU to give it not only give it ample stretch but also send the texture into overdrive. On top of that, Momotaro have opted for using a half raglan sleeve design, with the idea here to maximise ergonomics and comfort.
That's not all though. Staying on the unconventional path, this shirt is fitted with two unique chest pocket designs and a vintage style front placket.
Available in Olive and Navy

Momotaro Twisted Heather Selvedge Chambray Shirt ($198)

If you're not too familiar Twisted Heather you would assume it was inspired by an 80's heavy metal band. That would be a great story to tell, but let's break down what it actually is!
Often nicknamed "Salt and Pepper" fabric, this highly sought-after weave is achieved by tightly twisting cotton yarns resulting in the unique aesthetic. A utilitarian piece through and through, Momotaro have gone the extra mile by adding hand warmer pockets to this superbly functional shirt.
Some quirks include chest pockets which are reinforced with rivets and a metal donut button opening. Guess there is some heavy metal in the mix after all!
Available in Black and Green

Japan Blue 12oz. Tweed Denim Coverall ($220)

It's warm as heck, has a ton of nep and will fade over time. Thank you Japan Blue for answering our prayers.
Since this fabric is not actually denim but rather a cotton-based tweed fabric with a denim twill, it's going to be perfect for those that obsess about aging their garments but don't want to stray out of that comfort circle.

Japan Blue Shawl Collar Coverall ($198)

Taking cues from French work jackets, JB's adaptation of this workwear classic features a highly durable satin that has been reactive-dyed to that perfect hue of Olive.
Slimming up the silhouette to keep that aesthetic looking sharp, The vintage inspired shawl collar adds that classic element to a contemporary piece.

Japan Blue Indigo Check Flannel Shirt ($180)

Here's a flannel with a pattern and color scheme that will dazzle even the most seasoned lumberjacks.
Japan Blue stick to their Indigo dyeing guns with this piece which features a soft brush flannel fabric that will retain heat like a Thermos flask. Simple work shirt detailing, combined with rugged triple-needle chainstitch construction makes this a piece that will see you through Winter and beyond.

Japan Blue 18 Gauge Super Heavy Inlay Sweat Raglan L/S Tee ($135)

We know this product title is a bit of a mouthful but just like very long German words (try saying Doppelkupplungsgetriebe  first try), once you break it down it's nice and easy to digest.
When the term 'Gauge' is thrown around with garment production, it typically lends to the idea of stitches per inch. Meaning the amount the needle runs through a single square inch to develop the fabric. Thus, we have a fabric that feels like a sweatshirt, but is cut like a classic raglan tee with all the ergonomics you would wish for. Firm on the outside and soft on the inside, simply put this is a tee you can live in during Winter.
Available in Beige x Burgundy and Charcoal x Navy

The new items drop on 10/6 @ Midnight (JST)