The latest arrivals from Fullcount and Studio D'Artisan

As the nights grow colder, there's an undeniable craving for warmth and comfort. It's that time of year when you long to slip into the coziest sweatpants and snuggle up in your favorite sweatshirt. And this fall, Fullcount have brought the heat with their "Mother Cotton" sweats, made from 100% Zimbabwe cotton and exceptionally crafted on rare machines that can only be found in Wakayama, Japan. So don't fight the chill – embrace it in style with this season's subtle essentials.

If it is something more durable and heavyweight you are seeking this season, look no further than SDA's Duck Coverall. Despite being under the "Basic" range, SDA have not scrimped on the details of this one. Typically, duck fabrics tend to weigh a max of 12oz. when applied for use in garments. SDA go the extra mile-however by beefing up the overall weight to 18oz., making this jacket a rough-and-tough contender for everyday wear.Taking vintage-style work shirts as a basis - the shoulder, chest and hem widths have been widened and extra length has also been added to the length of the garment for an overall more casual fit. SDA also embrace their more playful side with this year's iteration of their "Crazy" denim in shirt form. This Western features both a right and left-hand twill denim for each side of the shirt respectively. Each shirt has gone through a factory distress process, mimicking well-faded examples of denim shirts from the 1960s.

 The new items drop on 10/25 @ Midnight (JST)