The latest arrivals from Fullcount

With the actual, physical heat comes the aesthetic heat from Fullcount. Kicking things off, we welcome a restock of all sizes for their popular 1108EC Selvedge Jeans. A classic addition to any wardrobe, Fullcount's 13oz. Ecru Selvedge keeps things clean while maintaining all the superb construction details we have come to know and expect from the Osaka OGs. For those looking to give those legs that well-deserved freedom for Summer, Fullcount's Chino Shorts tick all the right boxes for a lightweight yet versatile as heck pair for the Dog Days to come. Also, for you Brown's Beach fans parting with your vests and jackets for the hotter seasons - we've got you covered. Rep the historic Brown's Beach logo this season with the introduction of their print tee series for 2022.

Fullcount 1108EC Ecru Selvedge Jeans - $198 USD

Fullcount Chino Shorts - $175 USD

Brown's Beach Logo Print Tee - $75 USD

The new Fullcount items drop on 4/28 @ Midnight (JST)