The latest arrivals from SDA, Master-piece and Fullcount


While synthetic Indigo dyed fabrics seem to be the norm these days, a few brands have prevailed in defying the status-quo to maintain a strong link between traditional Japanese dyeing methods and craftsmanship in the 21st Century. No strangers to producing top-shelf Natural Indigo Selvedge Denim, Studio D'Artisan have finally brought back from a 3 year hiatus their "Aizome" Selvedge Jeans. Hitting that perfect everyday-wear sweet-spot weight of 15oz., the slubby texture and light Indigo hue display all the unmistakeable characteristics of Tokushima Hank-dyed Natural Indigo Jeans.

From the very start of the process where the Sukumoused for the Natural Indigo Dye is produced right up until the Jeans themselves are sewn, each step involves the expertise of Tokushima's aging craftsmen who have honed their skills through decades of experience. The persistence that hank dyeing with natural indigo requires, guarantees a denim with a more resilient indigo color than any synthetic indigo dye. While the fading progress of the fabrics will be much slower than standard rope-dyed denim, you can expect one heck of a denim journey with this special piece of craftsmanship.

The Studio D'Artisan 15oz. "Aizome" Selvedge Jeans - $525

Combining a sublime fabric with one of SDA's updated cuts, the "High Rise Tapered" silhouette features the most amount of room in the top block and thighs in the brand's lineup. As natural as the Indigo dye itself, the taper in the leg is the perfect balance between aesthetic and comfort without wandering into the "carrot shape" look.
Available in both raw and one wash, the factory washed version of these jeans not only accentuates the texture of the slub further but takes the guessing game out of figuring out the sizing.
Complete with SDA's signature metal hardware and stitched arcuates, the Osaka OG's pay homage to the Shokunin(Craftsmen) of Tokushima with their special edition "阿波正藍" (Awa-Shōai) Leather patch.
Sizing - Raw
Sizing - One Wash

The Master-piece "Confi" Nylon Shoulder Bag - $195

With their prowess for sourcing the highest quality materials, Master-piece have conjured up an updated version of the "Confi" shoulder bag series for 2022. The High-density Satin Twill fabric used for the body not only has a beautiful luster, but is water-resistant due to the 0.15mm P.V.C coating process. The leather used for this bag is Italian smooth leather produced by Milan-based tanners Monfrini Pellami S.R.L., who have a history of producing fine leather for over 100 years.
The combination of these premium fabrics coupled with a modern heavy-duty Cobra buckle creates a luxurious aesthetic perfect for both smart and casual wear.

The Fullcount Chain Embroidery Denim Baseball Cap - $85

Drawing inspiration from Fender's iconic logo from the 1950's, Fullcount go the extra mile by chain embroidering a unique version of their logo onto the front of this finely constructed Denim Baseball Cap.
Clocking in at a lightweight 10oz., the Denim used for the cap panels has been factory washed, guaranteeing a comfortable wear experience from the get-go.

The new Master-piece and Fullcount items drop on 1/26 @ Midnight (JST)

The Studio D'Artisan 15oz. "Aizome" Selvedge Jeans drop on 1/27 @ Midnight (JST)