The latest arrivals from Studio D'Artisan

Christmas is just around the corner and it's the time of the year where we are all looking to treat ourselves a little! This year, Studio D'Artisan has you covered with a set of frosty arrivals from Osaka. 

Kicking things off, we’ve got a killer hue of natural indigo featured on the new garment dyed "Awa-Ai" pieces gracing our curation. Recognized as intangible cultural treasures of Japan, the Shokunin (artisans) responsible for dyeing these garments will dye each garment piece by piece by hand. In order to achieve the light hues featured, each garment goes through roughly 5 dye cycles. A snow-stopper as well as a show-stopper, these tops are fully Winter-ready thanks to the heavyweight fabrics that the SDA crew have chosen.

A perfect combination of fabric and color, the second set of arrivals by SDA encompass perfectly the traditional Japanese method of Kasuri dyeing. Kasuri (or 絣) is the Japanese term for a fabric that has a color range of dyed fibers to create patterns and images within a textile. It is similar to Ikat dyeing, a form of resistance dyeing. Over the hundreds of years this dyeing technique has been practiced, each region within Japan has developed their own unique patterns, reflecting the textile culture of the local area. For the Midare Kasuri collection, SDA have developed a variant of Kasuri known as “Ranre-Kasuri”, woven from uneven slub yarns to epitomize the texture of this traditional Japanese textile.

Rounding off this week's drops we have a history lesson for you as a wave of black denim comes crashing in. The 'Black Ships' USN Selvedge Jeans pay homage to the fleet of black US Navy ships that sailed into the shores of Japan in 1853. This encounter marked the start of a relationship of trade between the 2 countries which allowed Japan's fascinating fabrics and wares to be seen by the Western world. The 'Black Ships' Jeans come in a comfortable black 12oz. washed fabric, and feature black buttons and pocket bags, with a custom natural leather patch that celebrates this historic event.

The new Studio D'Artisan items drop on 12/21 @ Midnight (JST)