The latest arrivals from The Factory Made


Hailing from Osaka and founded in 2017 as an in-house brand for one of Japan’s largest hat factory's, The Factory Made have established themselves as a powerhouse for producing comprehensive hat styles using unique fabrics and unbeatable construction, while injecting subtle touches of playfulness into each design. We are stoked to announce two new additions from the Osaka hatmakers for S/S 2022, which combine both modern and traditional elements, true to the DNA of Factory Made's design ethos.

The Factory Made "Happiness" 6-Panel Cap

Opting for a classic 6-panel Baseball Cap aesthetic this season, Factory Made bring back their iconic souvenir jacket embroidery for their new "Happiness" cap. 
The tiger and 福 'Fuku'(Japanese for 'happiness') embroidered motifs are among some of the most recognizable and iconic works of art featured on American Souvenir Jackets in post-war Japan. The stealthy black fabric beautifully offsets the intricate embroidery colors featured in this latest addition to The Factory Made's lineup.

The Factory Made Patchwork Sashiko 6-Panel Cap

Enjoy a diverse range of the quintessentially Japanese fabric in this impeccably constructed 6-panel cap. Each individual panel is a wonderful homage to Japan's rich history with textiles. Back in a time when buying new garments was simply out of the question for most folks, stitching and repairing using smaller pieces of fabric gave well-worn clothing new life.
Take a chance to explore Sashiko this season, and enjoy the patchwork aesthetic of this hat without having to pick up a needle and thread!

The new Factory Made hats drop on 3/2 @ Midnight (JST)