The Momotaro 15th Anniversary Broken Twill Narrow Tapered Selvedge Jeans

Going from the only Broken Twill denim on the site over the past ten years being our previous proprietary ODJB014 “Sand Slub” denim collaboration, to seeing Broken Twill all over the place this season, the elusive twill is certainly seeing a moment. 

 That being said, let's first put our hands together for Momotaro who are celebrating 15 years in the Japanese Denim game. Over the years the Peach Boys have continued to wow Denimheads around the world, and the brand's sizeable 15th Anniversary Collection seeks to reward its loyal followers with some extra special models. The second of their Broken Twill Selvedge Jeans comes in their Narrow Tapered cut, sporting more extra-neat details than you can shake a stick at.

Dissecting the Broken Twill Weave

We can thank the folks at Wrangler back in the 1960s for first developing this type of weave, As a means to minimize the leg-twist that resulted from unsanforized jeans being soaked. Open up the weave rulebook and you will see that "conventional" weaves are either right or left-hand twill. After burning their copy of the rulebook, Wrangler came up with a weave that alternates from left to right on every two warp ends, creating the zig-zag aesthetic that Denimheads around the world have come to love.
Straying away from the conventional just like the Wrangler gang, Momotaro have milled a 15.7oz. Broken Twill Selvedge fabric and given it some first-class treatment. The beautiful peach and gold color Selvedge ID is worthy of applause and suffice to say, you won't be seeing it again until the brand's next milestone!

The Narrow Tapered Cut

Sleek aesthetic and room in the right areas, the Narrow Tapered cut gives you the best of both worlds.
Easily the most popular cut in Momotaro's lineup, this silhouette has a lengthier set of rises and slightly larger thigh compared to Momotaro's Slim cut offerings.



Details for days

Momotaro Design team: "How many details do you want in this model?"

Momotaro Head of Design: "Yes"

Where do we start? Let's kick it off with one of our favorites. The indigo-dyed leather patch featuring the gold foil painted "15th" logo has one subtle touch that we nearlly missed but deserves a mention. Look closer at the motif of Momotaro to spot him donning an 烏帽子 (Eboshi). These black-lacquered court caps were traditionally worn by boys as a rite of passage upon reaching their 15th birthday.
The Peach Boys have also given the button fly the bling treatment with the inclusion of gold buttons, backed with "15th" debossing.

Under the surface

We can see right away where the design team got the nod to be a bit playful! The discharge dyed indigo pocket bags sport what can only be described as Momotaro's in-house emoji set. Dear Apple, mind adding these in the next iOS update?
Taking cues from a design element usually reserved for their Copper Label series, the yoke on the 15th Anniversary jeans feature a custom woven Indigo Bassen(Japanese for Indigo discharge dye) fabric with the "15th Anniversary" text. While subtle, the green and gold woven label and rayon tab complete this already stellar pair of jeans.
Well that about covers it!

But wait...there's more!

This really is the icing on the cake.
As if Momotaro haven't already outdone themselves they really have sweetened the deal here. Grab yourself a pair and it will ship with a custom 15th Anniversary print carry bag and bandana.
With that all said and done...Happy Birthday Momotaro!

The Momotaro 15th Anniversary Broken Twill Narrow Tapered Selvedge Jeans drop on 10/2 @ Midnight (JST)