Well Worn Pair | Declan's OD+PBJ 18oz. "Kakishibu" Selvedge Jeans

"Very excited to begin a new denim project, the Okayama Denim x Pure Blue Japan 002 Kakishibu 18oz, with a goal of 730 consecutive wears"

Fade Progress - OD+PBJ 18oz. "Kakishibu" Selvedge Jeans

Denimhead and Sneaker enthusiast Declan a.k.a @Waterbeverage has proven how sheer dedication and persistance can transform a pair of jeans over a short period of time. Committing to 730 consecutive wears through rain and shine is no easy task but seeing this progress after just 3 months of wear has us wide-eyed.
Suffice to say we are excited to see how these progress!

Many thanks to Declan (@Waterbeverage) for sharing with us these incredible fade pics.