Well Worn Pair | Richard's OD+PBJ 18oz. "Indigo Kakishibu" Selvedge Jeans

Fade Progress - OD+PBJ 18oz. "Indigo Kakishibu" Selvedge Jeans

Denimhead Richard C. (a.k.a /u/Stringcheezeincident) has proven how sheer dedication and persistance can transform a pair of jeans overtime. Committing to around 300 consecutive wears, with the pair only being washed once has bought out some incredible "electric blue" hues and some killer honeycombs+whiskers to boot.
Richard also comments as to the reason these have only gone through a single wash cycle:

"I want the jeans to fade - especially whiskers and honeycombs but I want to keep the dark areas dark so there is a greater contrast between the two causing what I feel is a more pleasing look. It depends on your activity and lifestyle. Raw denim is a journey."

Many thanks to Richard (/u/Stringcheezeincident) for sharing with us these incredible fade pics.