Well Worn Pair | Stephen's OD+SDA "Kasezome" Indigo Sashiko Selvedge 6-panel Baseball Cap

At the very core, the "Well Worn Pair" series has always been about showcasing the best fades for jeans and pants that we have come across over the years. That's not going to change by any stretch of the imagination but we're going to deviate a little this time round. After all, it's not often you come across a hat that is so phenomenally faded it has transcended to a work of art. What's more, as this is one of our collaboration dome pieces with Studio D'Artisan, it's simply humbling to see the evolution of this hat over the course of two years. Every bit of frayed sashiko, loose threading and variation in indigo hue that we see here, tells the story of the individual wearing it.
Donning his (brand new at the time) OD+SDA "Kasezome" Indigo Sashiko Selvedge cap, Stephen takes a nap while hiking in Alaska
Introducing Firefighter, Denimhead and avid outdoorsman - Stephen Snider a.k.a @denim_rambler. Now living in Guam, Stephen has spent many years living and roaming the cold, unforgiving forrests and mountains of Alaska. No matter what the activity - be it while exploring ice caves, fishing on an icy cold lake or navigating the harsh terrain on foot, Stephen has done it all. What's more, no adventure is complete without bringing his other passions along with him including denim, leather goods and fine whiskey to name a few. Amongst his plethora of well worn garments, the OD+SDA "Kasezome" Indigo Sashiko Selvedge he has worn for two years is a fine example of showing sheer dedication and passion for your hobbies.
  • New vs 2 years of wear
  • "Today the last few strands gave way, and I had to repair it. Repairs are still being worked, this hat has many more years of life left"

Fade Progress - OD+SDA "Kasezome" Indigo Sashiko Selvedge 6-panel Baseball Cap

"I’ve been wearing the hat for about two years, since Dec. 2019. It’s my daily wear for sure. One year of wearing it over mountains and glaciers in Alaska, and one year of wearing it on beaches and in the ocean in Guam. Over the past two years I’ve probably washed it twice, once a year it needs a wash, lol. I toss it in the washing machine (low setting), and dry it outside in the sun."

Many thanks to Stephen (@denim_rambler) for sharing with us these incredible fade pics