The OD+PBJ 20th Anniversary Collaboration Jeans

In 1997, a young mid-20s fabric nerd working as a salesman at a Textile trading house in Okayama, had a vision. A vision to introduce Japanese craftsmanship and quality in its purest form. That visionary packed up his life, moved to the sleepy town of Kojima, and began by sketching a leaf logo paying homage to the indigofera plant. That visionary was Keniichi Iwaya, and that leaf logo is now synonymous with none other than Pure Blue Japan.
We’ve been working on this collab for the better part of 2017 with the PBJ team, carefully selecting each input to ensure we develop a product that respects the rich history and standard of quality we’ve all come to expect from the brand. 
The jeans are available in both the classic Slim Tapered, and the new favorite Relax Tapered.