DHL Returns Procedure

Once your DHL Return Label has been purchased, please follow the steps below which will ensure a smooth return shipment for your package:
1. Documentation
You will receive a set of documents directly from These will typically be:
1. Package waybill
2. Package waybill (courier copy)
3. Invoice (x2 copies)
Please ensure all copies of the provided documents are printed off to later be attached to the exterior of the package. 
*Packages with missing documentation will be subject to delays in shipment time and/or returned to the sender
2. Scheduling a pickup
Please proceed to the following page and select your country of residence from the dropdown menu. Once you have reached the customer service page, please select the "Call Us" / "Local Contact Details" tab and dial the displayed number. 
Once you have provided your waybill number (on some occasions you may be asked for our account number:  963600925) you will be able to choose a pickup date and time for your package.
If you would prefer to drop off your package at a DHL Express Service Point, please proceed to this page to find your closest location.
3. Preparing your shipment
Please note that we can only accept items for a return if they are in the same condition as upon delivery. Items that were hemmed, washed, damaged or altered in any way, are not eligible for a return. 
We kindly ask to refrain from clipping any product tags or flashers from your item. If removed, please be sure to include them with your item. Products that were delivered to you without tags, may be returned as is.
Ensure that your item has been properly folded and sealed in some kind of protective material for a smooth return.
4. Extra packaging
If you do not have packaging material for your return, please request an Express A3 Flyer when you contact DHL Express to schedule a pickup (packaging is free of charge).
Express A3 Flyer
We ask that all returns are shipped using a flyer of your choice. We reserve the right to charge you an additional fee if returns are shipped using a cardboard box, as opposed to our recommended flyer.
If you have any questions or concerns about your return, please do not hesitate to contact us at