Brown's Beach

Brown's Beach Early Vest (Burgundy)



  • 74% Wool Fleece / 26% Cotton Knit
  • 6 Original 'Brown's Beach' embossed snap button front opening
  • 4 multi-function U-shaped pockets
  • Original black piping
  • Brown's Beach Jacket Label on the inner fabric
  • Cinch back fastener

With a rich history spanning back over a hundred years to 1901, the original Brown's Beach Jacket products were manufactured in Worcester, MA. They were made for general outdoor use, with a fabric called 'Beach Cloth', featuring a special combination of warm inner wool fleece and a knitted cotton face that is water resistant. Built with the intention of functionality and durability for the hard Northeast winters, Brown's Beach products are deceivingly warm.

Having studied the unique and complex fabric of vintage Brown's Beach pieces since 2007, and acquiring the license in 2010, Fullcount & Co has been responsible for manufacturing Brown's Beach reproduction pieces for the past few years in Japan. The reproduction of Brown's Beach Jacket products that Fullcount & Co produces in Japan closely follows the construction style and manufacturing methods of the original goods, but with slightly updated silhouettes.

Taking a range of varying count threads in two different colors and twisting them to create a twill is what gives the face of the fabric a salt-and-pepper aesthetic. The over-spec snap buttons on this piece feature an embossed Brown's Beach Jacket logo. The Early Vest was one of the very first Brown's Beach products developed by the company's founder, William W. Brown. The vest is ideal to be either worn as a liner under larger jackets during the colder months or paired with a Shirt or T-Shirt in the Fall or Spring.

*Model is pictured wearing a size 38. He weighs 62kg (147 pounds) and is 187cm (6'13") tall.

Size (CM) Chest Shoulder Centre Back
38 103 38.5 56
40 107 40.5 57
42 112 43 58.5
44 116 44.5 58.5
46 117 44.5 58.5

Size (Inches) Chest Shoulder Centre Back
38 40.5 15.1 22
40 42.1 15.9 22.4
42 44.1 16.9 23
44 45.7 17.5 23
46 46.1 17.5 23

Made in Japan