FDMTL Distressed Patchwork Azuma Bag


  • FDMTL Original Distressed Patchwork fabric
  • 100% Cotton
  • One Wash

Azumabukuro (Azuma bags) date all the way back to the Edo period (1603-1868), and were used as a method for wrapping and carrying objects. This method has continued into current times and can often be seen being used to carry things such as lunch boxes and gifts. 

FDMTL have taken this traditional style and added a modern twist with the unique Jacquard fabric and sealed handle for added durability (which traditionally would have simply been tied).

Distressed to bring out the beauty that lies within patchwork fabrics, the hues of indigo achieved on this piece by FDMTL truly bring out the Boro vibes.

*Sizing: Base width - 16cm (6.3"), Base length - 34cm (13.4"), Height - 36cm (14.2"), Top length - 50cm (19.7")

Made in Okayama, Japan