Okayama Denim

OD+SDA "Kasezome" Indigo Sashiko Selvedge 6-panel Baseball Cap


The updated version of this hat is now available here.

  • Limited run of 80 hats
  • Original Indigo dyed "Kasezome" Sashiko Fabric
  • 100% Cotton
  • 6 Panel Baseball Cap
  • 6 stitched eyelets
  • Indigo Discharge dyed inner piping
  • Single red & white eyelets representing OD
  • Adjustable Selvedge strap with metal fastener
  • OD + SDA 40th Anniversary custom label
  • Collaborative hang tag printed on Japanese Washi paper

Honoring our friends from SDA and their 40 years of producing some of the finest Selvedge garments coming out of Japan, we follow up our 40th Anniversary "Matcha" Jeans collaboration by working with our favorite fabric in a totally fresh way.

Kasezome is the art of skein dyeing, a hand dyeing method by wrapping undyed yarns into a loose coil and dipping them into a vat of Indigo (in this instance). The yarns are dyed to the core while still retaining their original texture, a feat only possible when the yarns are meticulously dyed by hand. 

*Adjustable inner brim: 54~60cm (21.2"~23.6")

Made in Okayama, Japan