Okayama Denim

ODJB016 10oz. "Dog Days" Nep Selvedge Jeans (High Tapered)


  • 10oz. Nep x Nep Selvedge denim
  • 100% cotton / 100% cotton thread construction
  • Sanforized Japanese Selvedge denim
  • CIRCLE Tapered silhouette
  • Japan Blue Original antique gold metal hardware (Rivets & Buttons)
  • 5 metal button fly with Japan Blue debossing
  • Heavyweight indigo vat dyed waistband leather patch featuring the OD + JB collaborative logo
  • Indigo Floral discharge fabric pocket bags

With a deep rooted history in Greek & Roman mythology and astrology, “Dog Days” refers to the peak of the summer, the very hottest days or months of the year. Taking cues from the original Latin word, dies caniculares(or “puppy days”), being that these are the lightest jeans we’ve ever had a hand in producing, the name came to us organically during the design process. A pair meant to be worn when any other pair in the wardrobe just feels like a drag to wear through the heat.

The fabric itself features an aggressive dosage of nep, which really comes to life with the initial soak or first wash. As they are sanforized, you could opt to wear them right out of the bag, but part of bringing this pair to market was to share the experience of the way the nep activates upon first contact with water. Seeing what that first sample looked like after the first wash was a mind blown moment, and sharing that sheer joy we got from seeing the denim progress was important to us.

We found this fabric tucked into the very back corner rack at a fabric exhibition at the top of 2019. No one was paying it any attention, but these fabric swatches generally have the Raw & One Wash versions attached to them. Seeing the OW version of this fabric, and the way the nep came to life was insane. Part of the reason why the nep is so intense with this fabric is the fact that both the warp and weft feature highly irregular cotton yarns to complete the composition of this Selvedge.

Having settled on having to use this fabric in some capacity, it was February 2019 that we brought the fabric over to the boys at Japan Blue and started brainstorming. They had mentioned there was a new line of jeans they were bringing to market in the near future that featured a whole new range of cuts. This range is now known as the CIRCLE jeans, and has been for sale here in Japan since Spring (this is the first time it is being made available outside of Japan). Trying out the different cuts, we were particularly drawn to the Tapered silhouette. The CIRCLE Tapered switches out the usual straight waistband pattern, opting for a waistband rounded for an ergonomical fit. As a result, these medium-high rise jeans offer more space than your average slim cut, giving more leeway around the waist and thighs, whilst maintaining an overall clean & modern aesthetic. The featherweight 10oz. Selvedge seemed like a perfect marriage with this new versatile Tapered fit. This birthed the idea of the “Dog Days” denim, a pair of jeans that would be wearable even during the most brutally hot days of summer.

The devil is in the details, and the details on this pair had to stay simple to highlight the fabric, but speak volumes to add a bit of color to the otherwise simple tonal stitching construction. Taking the usual thick Natural Tochigi Cowhide leather that we’ve used for our previous collaborations with Japan Blue, each patch is vat dyed in Indigo to give it the deep hue of blue that will fade in tandem with the jeans. The pocket bags feature an Indigo Floral discharge dyed fabric, evoking summer feels through an indigo lens. JB original hardware is used through the pair, and the welcomed addition of tucked belt loops as a first for JB.

*Model is pictured wearing a size 28. He weighs 59kg (130 pounds) and is 178cm (5’11”) tall.

Size - CM Waist Front Rise Back Rise Upper Thigh Knee Leg Opening Inseam
28 76 26 37 28 19 16 90
29 78 26.5 37.5 28.5 19.5 16 90
30 80 27 38 29 20 16.5 90
31 82 27.5 39 29.5 20.5 17 90
32 84 28 40 30 21 17.5 90
33 87 28.5 40.5 31 21.5 17.5 90
34 90 29 41 31.5 22 18 90
36 95 30.5 42.5 33 23 18 90
38 100 31.5 43.5 34.5 24 18.5 90
Size - Inches Waist Front Rise Back Rise Upper Thigh Knee Leg Opening Inseam
28 29.9 10.2 14.6 11 7.5 6.3 35.4
29 30.7 10.4 14.8 11.2 7.7 6.3
30 31.5 10.6 15 11.4 7.9 6.5
31 32.3 10.8 15.4 11.6 8.1 6.7
32 33.1 11 15.7 11.8 8.3 6.9
33 34.3 11.2 15.9 12.2 8.5 6.9
34 35.4 11.4 16.1 12.4 8.7 7.1
36 37.4 12 16.7 13 9.1 7.1
38 39.4 12.4 17.1 13.6 9.4 7.3
Made in Okayama, Japan