Master-piece "Step" Crossbody Shoulder Bag (Black)

525221 (010)

  • Original ATY-treated 1000d nylon fabric body
  • Adjustable shoulder strap featuring quick-release buckle
  • Metal zipper opening featuring leather pull tabs
  • Leather brand tab
  • Front pocket featuring keyhook
  • Also available in Wine

Introducing Master-piece's "Step" shoulder bag featuring premium USA cowhide leather. The leather is chrome tanned to achieve a thick and sturdy texture. The leather also undergoes meticulous sandpaper buffing, creating a finely brushed finish. Due to the substantial thickness of the leather, the dyeing process is done in two stages to ensure deep color penetration. Additionally, during the second dyeing process, a waterproofing agent is infused to enhance its water-resistant properties.

The accompanying fabric features a blend of two types of nylon threads that are spun together and processed with ATY (Air Textured Yarn) technology. The resulting 1000d nylon yarn is then woven in a plain weave and dyed, revealing a unique texture and a striking sheen to the color. The surface of the fabric is also treated with a water-repellent coating, boosting the integrity of the fabric construction over a long period of use.

*Dimensions: Width - 24.5cm (9.6"), Height - 30.5cm (12")

**Weight: 200g (7oz.)

Made in Osaka, Japan