Okayama Denim

OD+MJ Natural Indigo Dyed Selvedge Work Shirt

MS033-NID (Natural Indigo Dye)
  • 5oz. Japanese Selvedge Chambray fabric
  • Garment dyed in Natural Indigo
  • Slim fit silhouette
  • Triple needle chainstitched
  • Pima cotton liner used on cuffs and inner placket
  • Selvedge with chainstich run off on the side vents
  • Extended collar panel

We had never seen one before. So we decided to produce it, with help from our friends at Momotaro Jeans.

The "Hon-Aizome" (literal translation is "Real Indigo Dye") shirt elevates the classic Momotaro Selvedge workshirt to a new standard. By applying natural wood buttons to the Natural Indigo Dyed shirt, the shirt epitomizes honest and genuine craft, at the highest level. By utilizing Natural Indigo derived from the Indigofera plant, rather than chemically processed indigo dye, the production process is extremely tedious and entirely done by hand.

Each shirt is dyed in the vat of indigo about 3-4 times, to achieve what we believe to be the perfect hue of indigo blue. As each piece must be hand dipped in the dye, then rinsed of all extra indigo, and finally hung to dry, the process is tedious and time consuming. But the results speak for themselves. Check out the process here.
Using the classic MS033 5oz. Selvedge Chambray Workshirt by Momotaro Jeans in a beige color as the base, the original plastic buttons have been switched out for wood buttons. Aside from the addition of wood buttons and the obvious indigo update, the shirt remains otherwise unchanged. To add to the subtle sensibility of the shirt, we had the collaboration tag stitched to the bottom of the front panel with a single red stitch.
As a disclaimer, because of the process of natural indigo dyeing, the shirt will shrink and has smaller dimensions than the original MS033 by Momotaro.

Size (CM) Chest Shoulder Width Center Back Sleeve Length
40 100 42.5 71 62
42 105 44.5 73.5 63
44 110 46.5 75 64
46 115 49 76 65
Size (Inches) Chest Shoulder Width Center Back Sleeve Length
40 39.25 16.75 28 24.4
42 41.25 17.5 29 24.8
44 43.25 18.3 29.5 25.2
46 45.25 19.3 30 25.6

*Model is pictured wearing a size 42. He weighs 82kg (182 pounds) and is 182cm (6'0") tall.

**Due to the process of natural indigo dyeing, the shirt has shrunk from its original dimensions. These fit smaller when compared to the standard MS033 5oz. Selvedge Chambray Shirts by Momotaro.

Made in Okayama, Japan