Okayama Denim

OD+RX Indigo "Murazome" Tabi Socks


  • Cotton / Polyester / Viscose Polyurethane blend
  • Hand tie-dyed in indigo
  • Tabi toebox socks
  • L-shape construction
  • Crew version also available

With this project, we dive into Japanese history to celebrate a form of Shibori. Shibori is a non-mechanized resist-dyeing technique using indigo dye. Patterns, similar to modern western tie-dye, are achieved by binding the fabric and submerging it in an indigo dye bath. Murazome (a type of Shibori dye) refers to the traditional tie-dyeing method. It reached peak popularity during the Edo period (17th to 19th Century), when the ruling class forbade the working class from wearing Silk garments, leading to this culture of intricately dyed cotton Shibori garments across Japan. The pocket bags this time around were dyed entirely by hand.

Founded in 1991, Rasox are experts of ergonomics, aesthetics, and comfort. Through years of experience, Rasox have simplified the art of sock-making to one letter, 'L'. The L-Shaped socks from Rasox fit the natural shape of the foot when standing and walking, which results in:

1. Reduced strain and sagging on areas of the sock such as the heel and toe cap.
2. Reduced pressure on the foot.
3. Reduced movement and slide of the socks.
4. Improved heat retention.
5. Increased foot mobility.

*These socks are ideal for feet sized 26-28cm (US 8-10)

Made in Nara, Japan