Okayama Denim

OD+SDA "Kasezome" Indigo x Kakishibu Sashiko Selvedge 6-panel Baseball Cap


  • Limited run of 80 hats
  • Original "Kasezome" Indigo x Kaskishibu Selvedge Sashiko Fabric
  • 100% Cotton
  • Indigo dyed warp
  • Kakishibu dyed weft
  • 6 Panel Baseball Cap
  • 6 stitched eyelets
  • Gold rayon inner piping
  • Single red & white eyelets representing OD
  • Adjustable Selvedge strap with metal fastener

The Studio D'Artisan "Kasezome" Selvedge Sashiko series has cemented its place as one of our favorite fabrics to work with over the past few years. Having a hand in the development process, by bringing this original idea for the weave to SDA almost two years ago now, we are stoked to see this coveted fabric continue to make the rounds through a variety of products. The concept of weaving Kakishibu into the weft yarn of SDA's proprietary fabric follows the Kakishibu journey we've been stoked to be on for the past few years, celebrating one of our favorite quintessentially Japanese hues. Seeing how beautifully the deep indigo color combined with the brown pop of the Kakishibu dye from within, this fabric has already graced the Denimhead world in the form of five-pocket pants and a Bomber Jacket. Working closely with the Osaka OG's, we jumped on the opportunity to develop the third dome piece in our ongoing collaboration series with SDA.

Kasezome is the art of skein dyeing, a hand dyeing method by wrapping undyed yarns into a loose coil and dipping them into a vat of Indigo (in this instance). The yarns are dyed to the core while still retaining their original texture, a feat only possible when the yarns are meticulously dyed by hand.

Kakishibu has a deep-rooted history in Japanese craft culture & tradition, dating back to the early 13th century when it was first introduced to Japan from China. Annually in late August, unripe persimmon is harvested as their tannin or juice is extracted. Used as a multi-solution tool, Kakishibu was used to cure hangovers, for wood lacquering and even as a clearing agent for sake, to name only a few of the varied applications of the historic dye. 

Just like the previous iteration of the "Kasezome" Selvedge Sashiko Baseball Cap, the fit is generous and will accommodate most head shapes - thanks to increased individual panel size, resulting in an overall larger dome. Taking cues from our Bomber Jacket collaboration, we added that well-deserved touch of luxury by selecting a gold rayon fabric as the piping for the cap. Retaining a touch of the familiar, the single Red and White eyelet stitching and durable metal fastener tie in the final elements to complete our latest dome piece project with SDA.

*The inner brim size range for this hat is 55.5cm~65cm (21.8"~25.5")

Made in Okayama, Japan