Okayama Denim Project

Okayama Denim Project Charity Bracelet

March 11, 2011 marked a day that shook not only Japan, but the world. It is a day that we will forever hold in our hearts and minds.
We produced these bracelets in order to support the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. All proceeds will be donated to the continuing Japanese Red Cross relief effort. 

The bracelets are made of premium 10 oz. denim by Japanese artisans in a small family owned denim mill in Okayama, Japan. As a result, purchasing a bracelet allows you to contribute to the relief effort directly.  

The white and red stitching on the bracelet reflects the two colors utilized in the Japanese flag, and the red button represents the sun within the flag.  An original chopstick sleeve serves as the packaging for the bracelet. 

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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Measurement: 23cm (9in) x 1.5 (0.6in)


Made in Okayama, Japan


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