Good Eats : Bassanova Ramen in Tokyo

July 04, 2015

We're a denim store. You guys obviously know that. And when we blog, it's usually about the holy grail, Japanese Selvedge denim or other Made in Japan products.

Now today's feature is a far cry from our usual coverage, but we are also avid foodies with ravishing appetites for good ramen. So what better place to share with everyone than the recent Tokyo transplant to New York, Bossanova Ramen. The original location, near Shindaita station is where we bring you this coverage from.

Although there is a well rounded ramen menu consisting of a variety of broth's, the ramen to order here is the Green Curry Ramen. I included several toppings like egg and seaweed. We came with high expectations, and the ramen delivered. A surprisingly fresh take on a classic Japanese comfort food, the spicy Thai inspired broth really takes on a personality of its own when mixed with these quintessentially Japanese ramen ingredients like pickled bamboo shoots, Japanese scallions, seaweed and egg. The grilled chicken was a great touch of flavor as well.

Having been in this country for almost three decades now, this is the first time I've even seen Sriracha in a ramen joint. But then again, this is the first time I've even tasted Green Curry Ramen!

Despite the fancy flavors, Bossanova, like most ramen joints across Tokyo, have a ticket machine at the entrance to purchase your desired meal.

Verdict : All in all, a great bowl of ramen. Solid 9/10. Grilled Chicken completed this dish.

Getting There : Getting here is easy as well, as it is only a 12 minute journey (5 stations away) from Shibuya station on the Keio Inokashira line. Once you're at the station, there is only one exit from the station. Cross the street from the exit and make a right. Walk less than 100meters and you will find the large 'Bassanova' sign on the left.

Price : Green Curry Ramen / 1,000yen (less than $9)

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May 12, 2024

Hello, can i check if your vegan and vegetarian dishes contain garlic and onion in the sauce? Any dishes that does not contain garlic or onion? Hope to hear from you soon as we are visting Tokyo in June this year. Thank you :)

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