Worn in Tenryo Denim Color Weft jeans

May 01, 2012

These are really something special.  Seems like these days, many brands and designers are experimenting and creating interesting products with denim. Tenryo has a history of creating unique items with denim - shoes, wallets, hats are among some of the items that Tenryo have explored in the past.

This season, Tenryo Denim released what they call, the "Color Revolution" collection. The jeans come in five colors with the option of Raw or One Wash. These jeans are super cool off the rack of course with the colored pocket liner and threading. But what we find especially great about these jeans is the way they fade over time. 

The contrast is pretty amazing

Beautiful Honeycombs

The whiskers are finely detailed and unique. The "iro-otchi", Japanese for Color fall or fade, really set the TDP-005s apart!

Pictured: Red x Indigo, Size 33, 6 months wear, 2 warm water soaks.

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