An OD + Chup Socks Collaboration | Introducing the ODCP002 "Dreamcatcher"

December 18, 2019

For our second collab this season with Japan's leading purveyor of high quality socks, the follow up to our previously released "Seafarer" are theseOD + CHUP "Dreamcatcher" socks. One of our favorite features of this new collab is the application of Indigo yarns within the weave to allow for epic patina with wear.
Couldn't do without the Pen wielding friend, Nathan Spoor, we team up with the renowned Californian artist once again for the packaging creatives of this OD + CHUP pair. 
The real beauty of CHUP, is when you turn the socks inside out. Despite these being a more sombre rendition of a classic CHUP, turning the socks inside out (much like looking at the underside of a great Persian rug) will yield the extent of craft required to create one pair of CHUP socks.
Drawing inspiration from Native American culture, a "Dreamcatcher" is traditionally hung over a newborn child's crib as a protective charm. Based off the previously released GANADO, the classic Native iconography take a departure from CHUP's previous design motif by applying a complete off white base to work with.

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