An OD + Chup Socks Collaboration | Introducing the ODCP001 "Seafarer"

September 27, 2019

At this point, an OD design just doesn't feel right without the god touch of our main man, Nathan Spoor. A celebrated artist from Southern California, Nathan Spoor is the pen behind most of the design creatives that make it to production for our collaborations. 
While the use of a range within the color palette was imperative for the design process, keeping the top block as well as the toe box as simple as possible was an important decision in the design process in order to properly showcase the intricacy of the design motif.
Adding to the already visually busy pattern is the striped heel look that we adore.
Borrowing earthy tones to complete the image of land, the off white seen in the striped heel as well as in the foot pair with the orange to complete the aesthetic.
The continual use of red throughout the color scheme is our salute to the Hinomaru (Rising Sun) Japanese flag, bringing a taste of Japan into the classic Fair Isle design motif.
Our "Seafarer" collab pays homage to the land & sea, or two elements of life, Earth and Water!
Want to really know what the fuss about Chup Socks are? Just turn them inside out! With a weave similar to a handwoven rug, every color and hue is represented in what would be best described as organized chaos.
The inaugural pair of the OD+CHUP collaboration series, the ODCP001 "Seafarer" is now live on the site.

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