Fade Potential Spotlight | Pure Blue Japan 18oz. Indigo x Black Selvedge Jeans

September 13, 2019

So the team at PBJ decided to give an extra pair of the recently launched XX-18oz-019 Indigo x Black pair a nice distress process to show the sheer potential of this incredible fabric.
This fabric is interesting in that they look like the deepest shade of indigo blue you've ever seen, but the weft is indeed black, hence creating some killer contrast as the denim fades with wear.
Combs looking clean on the latest from the Slub Masters.
Getting these side by side shots (or rather matching up some shots of a new pair vs. the distressed version shots that Iwaya-san took down in Kojima, Okayama) was a real thrill especially when we went macro as we have in this shot above.
PBJ jeans tend to give this crazy rainfall fade aesthetic going throughout the fabric with wear.
Leaf keeping its black roots as the jeans fade, this little monotone details elevates this pair to new heights.
*These jeans are available in both the Relax Tapered (XX-18oz-019) & the Slim Tapered (XX-18oz-013).
**Distressed images above provided by Iwaya-san of @pure_blue_japan

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