Fade Friday | Skylar's ODPBJ002 "Kakishibu" Selvedge Jeans

April 02, 2021

This week we will be featuring Skylar's (/u/skeezy_kaneezy, @murmur_ak) daily worn ODPBJ002 18oz. "Kakishibu" Selvedge Jeans. Worn for 1.5 years, soaked twice and washed 4 times, the resulting fades are simply mind-blowing.
Skylar notes:  Did some slight patching last summer using some old couch fabric in the back pockets, crotch, rear, and cuffs.
This is where my keys hang and have worn out the fabric
The knees have seen some s***.
Pics & Comments taken from /r/rawdenim user  skeezy_kaneezy

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