Fullcount | Announcement of New Pricing & Jeans Update!

January 16, 2019

The OG Osaka 5 player, Fullcount's been brewing up something special for 2019, an update to their classic repro style that has defined the company since their inception in 1993.
While the leather patches will remain the same, and model names will also remain unaffected, the biggest shift comes with the details have up until now represented the aesthetic of Fullcount.
While we currently still have inventory of the style of jeans that are quintessentially Fullcount, we'd like to announce that from our next delivery of Fullcount jeans (coming in Feb), the jeans will no longer feature the back arcuates or the red rayon tag.
The Fullcount arcuates will be phased out from future production runs.
The red rayon tag that's been part of the Fullcount DNA for decades will also be phased out with the "jeans renewal" they are planning.
The Classic pink line selvedge ID will remain the same. We have managed to also renegotiate retail pricing with Fullcount, and are stoked to share the savings with you! For our remaining stock of the current styles featuring the arcuates and rayon tag, as well as for the new production lot that will be arriving in Feb, we have adjusted the price down to $240 from $265 for each style in the lineup! Thank you and please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help!

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