Green Tea dyed Chambray's!?

August 12, 2016

When this fabric was first introduced back in 2014, you guys showed a lot of love for the Otcha-zome (Green Tea Dyed) Selvedge Chambray. While the original workshirt silhouette of the MS033T has been retired, a classic Western pattern has been developed and designed for use with this premium chambray.

A small reminder of the component which made this beautiful hue of indigo possible, the actual Green Tea leaves used to create the Sukumo (dye solution) has been packaged as a tea bag for the owner to use at his discretion

Extra thick Mother of Pearl shell buttons have been applied throughout this new piece

While we loved the original MS033T Workshirt silhouette, not complaining about this fresh Western re-working

Never a dull moment when extra thick snaps are applied to the cuff

Available online today ($175)

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