Introducing the 18oz. "Super Rough" Selvedge by PBJ

April 14, 2020

Equal parts slub & nep galore on the latest proprietary Selvedge from PBJ aptly named the "Super Rough".
Clocking in at a stealthy 18oz. low tension Selvedge denim, this is certainly the closest example we've seen to date of the now defunct XX-18oz-013 fabric.
A macro shot in the sun helps pick up all that inconsistent texture that comes through that shuttle loom chatter. 
Ryo, wearing a size 30 in the One Wash version of this Relax Tapered cut, weighs 59kg's (130lbs) and is 178cm (5'11").
Cuffs looking like carpets, we're pretty damn stoked to see how these wear!


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