Momotaro's Classic 2nd Type Selvedge Jacket receives a well-deserved update

August 17, 2020

The 14.7oz. Deep Blue 2nd Type has remained a classic piece in Momotaro's stellar denim jacket lineup. For Fall 2020, Momotaro have revamped and reimagined one of our long-time favorite jackets. Pictured on the left, Momotaro's new Natural Indigo weft 2nd Type Selvedge Jacket. On the right, the new Cotton x Silk 2nd Type Selvedge Jacket.
Using a conventional industrial indigo Warp, Momotaro opted to blend that warp with a Natural Indigo Weft. The coloring of the double indigo in this case is slightly different from your run of the mill Indigo x Indigo Selvedge, in that the indigo hue is lighter due to the Natural Indigo Weft.
Along with the subtle Peach symbol stitching on the left chest pocket, Momotaro have gone the extra mile and added a custom 925 Sterling Silver embossed metal button, something we have never seen before on any denim jacket offering. 
The Japanese silver leaf paint is carefully applied to the Peach Boy cowhide leather patch to add a beautiful sheen which elevates this already exceptional piece. The blue pop on this weft is a result of using Natural Indigo yarns for the weft.
Featuring a blended cotton x silk selvedge, the fabric face features a unique luster and elegant feel which offers exceptional wearability when compared to 100% cotton jackets.
Sticking with a few familiar elements of the original 'Copper Label' branding, such as the adjustable brass waist buttons.
Both styles will be available on 8/20 @ Midnight (JST)

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