Loop & Weft | Organic Cotton Face Masks

August 13, 2020

Let's face it, not all materials (particularly denim) are suitable when it comes to breathability and protection against viruses. We have worked closely with Loop & Weft to develop an Organic cotton re-usable face mask with exceptional breathability and wearer comfort in mind.
Having gone through the design, development and productions process of a few masks now over the past six months, we're learning quite a bit about what makes a perfect mask.
There is one thing we've come to learn for sure, and that is that you need a breathable material, ideally one that is light in weight. Utilizing a two-ply construction concept, the lightweight material is layered twice to serve as an additional filter layer to the wearer. 
Featuring all the elevated construction points of a great Loop & Weft product, the flat seamer construction completed on a vintage union special machine guarantees the durability in stitch construction that we're looking for. The shape of the mask is slightly larger than your average, so as to give maximum coverage across the face to mitigate the spread of contaminated air in and out of the mask.
A larger than usual mask size with an angle on the bridge of the nose also provides the best coverage, from under the eyes, down to below the chin.
From our own experience with wearing these masks over the past week, we can vouch for binder seam constructed ear loops which are supremely comfortable as well as secure enough in order to prevent the mask from slipping down the wearer's face.
Complete with the 4-needle flat seamer stitching on the face that are featured on most Loop & Weft garments, the design feature makes it easy to adjust the mask on the face as needed throughout the day.
As these masks are intended to be re-used, each one will be shipped with a care guide in order to ensure maximum sanitization.

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