The OD+JB 11oz. "Dog Days Futago" Jeans

September 13, 2020

Following up on our first lightweight Summer Selvedge with JB, we decided to reinvigorate and add new flavor to the Dog Days for 2020.
Of course, we wanted to maintain the insane level of Nep just like the previous model but this year opting for a slightly lighter hue of blue resulting in a slightly more subtle aesthetic in terms of the fabric face. The über soft hand feel has the heavy mix of an organic Indian cotton in the composition to thank, with the rest of the composition made up of US cotton resulting in the heavy Nep aesthetic.
Having just enough fabric left from the roll to complete the 200 pocket bags necessary for the 100 pairs of jeans, we opted to use this Indigo Paisley Jacquard fabric that we had previously considered for a shirting collaboration. The paisley print is understated, and will only really pop under sunlight. A little piece of indigo beauty we wanted to weave into the design of this denim to keep to yourself.
Taking the usual thick Natural Tochigi Cowhide leather that we’ve used for our previous collaborations with Japan Blue, each patch is vat dyed in Indigo to give it the deep hue of blue that will fade in tandem with the jeans. On top of that, the beige tonal stitching adds an additional layer of pop that we fell in love with during the sampling stage of the jeans.
The CIRCLE Tapered switches out the usual straight waistband pattern, opting for a waistband rounded for an ergonomical fit. As a result, these medium-high rise jeans offer more space than your average slim cut, giving more leeway around the waist and thighs, whilst maintaining an overall clean & modern aesthetic. The featherweight 11oz. Selvedge seemed like a perfect marriage with this new versatile Tapered fit. 

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