Pure Blue Japan | You ready to Bleed Indigo this Summer?

June 20, 2016

Your favorite brand's favorite Tee's are back in action. Keeping these Tee's in stock require some serious effort. Not just because they seem to fly every time we do manage to stock them. The production on these Garment Dyed Indigo Tee's are so limited, that we normally only get a handful of pieces each season.

Now we could bomb you with the pics of the brand new piece, but the real beauty of these is how the hue of indigo fades with wear

Similar to the roping effect seen on a pair of jeans cuff with wear, the roping effect on the collar of this t-shirt is pretty epic

The threading of the chainstitching running along the shoulder blades of the t-shirt are resilient and allow for a clear example of the difference in the hue of indigo with wear

Pictured above the Pure Blue Japan Indigo Tee, a deep hue of indigo when brand new

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