The Samurai F/W 2019 Exhibition

April 24, 2019

Samurai Exhibition | April 16th | Shibuya, Tokyo
One of the first to bring Heavyweight Selvedge to the scene, Samurai have managed to sustain a level of quality and persistence through a 20 year history. 
The Samurai Exhibition happens twice a year in Tokyo, and the space happens to be right around the corner from our office in Shibuya!
Bringing back the SJC, this time combining the Organic Homegrown Indigo Warp with an undyed cotton weft. Samurai's Organic cotton is grown on a plot of land that is owned by the brand on the outskirts of Osaka.
The combo comes as a Type 1 jacket and jeans, and each piece ships with a custom Selvedge pouch.
A new fabric development for FW '19, the Double Indigo in this case features a regular Indigo Warp with a Natural Indigo dyed Weft.
Another fabric development for next season is an Indigo x Kakishibu 17oz. Selvedge.
Selvedge highlight on the Samurai Kakishibu sample
Faded sample of a similar pair Samurai did a few years ago!
With one of Japan's most famous Samurai battles emblazoned on the flasher, the S3000VX21oz-KJ depicts the famous Battle of Kawanakajima that happened during the mid-1500s. These series of battles shaped the future of Japanese history and have a pivotal place in Japanese history.
The 21oz. has always been one of Samurai's best selling fabrics, makes sense if you've felt the fabric, it's like the beastmode cousin of the S0511xx 15oz Selvedge.
The back pockets featuring varying arcuates colors to depict the infamous battle!
Stepping up from the S003JP predecessor, the S004JP is the latest in the Samurai silhouette lineup, essentially an update to the standard Slim Tapered S003JP offering. Before we developed the Comfort Tapered for collab series with Samurai, the slimmest jeans in their entire lineup was the S003JP. The S004JP now takes that spot as the most tapered pair with the narrowest leg opening in the entire lineup.
Saluting the rich history of the USN in proper blue blooded fashion, Samurai give the classic A-2 Flight Jacket a Selvedge update.
Olive drab Heavy Duck Tailored jackets are a thing!
Known to never cut corners on the shirting front, Samurai flannels options for the Fall bring straight heat to the table!
The collection teased above will begin delivering to retailers, including yours truly, starting in July 2019!

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