Japanese Hoods : Shimokitazawa

January 14, 2015

In a new installment that we are going put out from time to time, "Japanese Hoods" will take you through different neighborhoods and areas of Tokyo and other parts of Japan. With a passion to show the plethora of charm and warmth that different areas in Japan have, we are excited to blog about Japanese neighborhoods.

Shimokitazawa is the neighborhood we explore this time, an area absurdly underrated. The neighborhood itself was built out from the station where two lines intersect, making it a busy station for its size. But the area itself is rather quaint, especially considering it is often considered just as trendy and hip as Harajuku. 

The area was built outward from the train station, following WWII. Although the station is under substantial renovation this year, the original station is pictured above and is still active.

The area has such a nostalgic feel that way, almost frozen in time, with stores in the area still operational from the 50s and 60s. In the same buildings. With the same furnishings. In many ways, it is a history buff's wet dream, and for anyone interested in the history of Japanese pop and consumer culture, Shimokitazawa is a must visit area.

Cool little Japanese antique shop

An archaic Children's toy shop next to a newer Tattoo parlor

Patriotism is strong in Shimokita

Chatted up a storm with this friendly street musician

And the street art is playful, yet sophisticated - no zoo in sight though!

 One of the many shopping streets in Shimokita

Tokyo is Yours

Quick coffee at the infamous Bear Pond Espresso

Record shop on the second floor of this old house

More shopping alleys

...and then some

 Wrapping up our quick tour of Shimokita with the sunset. Accessible by a quick 6 minute train ride on the Keio Inokashira line from Shibuya station, Shimokitazawa is well worth the visit.

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