Outfit of the Day in March

March 13, 2015

March breeze was pleasant and mild in Japan this year, a pleasant shift from the cold of last month. Paired with the quickly sold out pair of Kamikaze Attack 24oz. Jeans is the Indigo Patchwork Tee by PBJ, one of our personal favorite pieces of this past season. The stand out piece though is obvious - an A-2 Horsehide Leather Flight Jacket by the Repro masters, The Real McCoy's. We've been living in those shoes as well. The Indigo Dyed Vulcanized Sole Sneakers by Anachranorm is def a favorite with us, and we are excited to be bringing them online soon.
Il Bisonte makes the natural Bison leather card holder, while Tabio makes the Made in Japan camo print socks we are diggin'. Chari & Co. from New York always bringing cool technical gear to market, this time in the form of the riding gloves pictured. 

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