The New Kid on the Block | Pure Blue Japan's Vintage (VTG) Series

August 25, 2016

PBJ - a brand synonymous with super slub and crazy character are always surprising us with their R&D. And the latest from the Selvedge purveyors is no exception. 

Pictured side by side here is the original XX-013 on the left in that unmistakable dark hue of indigo, with the latest XX-013-VTG pair seen on the right.

With the only difference resting in the fabric itself (silhouette, hardware, other details all remain unchanged), you would think the jeans would be near identical, but with the updated fabric comes an entirely unique hue of indigo from what we have already seen come from the PBJ camp.

While paying homage to the original 1947 501xx Levi's fabric, the latest VTG fabric is much less slubbier and has a more balanced weave tension than the original XX-013

Although the VTG fabric features minimal slub, it is still quite a neppy fabric, as was the original Levi's 501xx, which will help to yield some great patina over time.

Pictured above you find the new XX-013-VTG on the left next to the classic XX-013.

Always telling a great story without taking any shortcuts, PBJ milled this fabric from scratch to replicate how it looked and felt when Levi's first launched this fabric in '47. They have even forfeited their iconic Blue Selvedge ID from the barely visible, extremely thin, Pink Selvedge ID that was the focal point of Levi's original 501xx's.

The XX-013-VTG (Slim Tapered) is available online today (Sizes 28-36 are $230, Size 38 is $260).

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