Samurai Jeans | New and restocks for March, 2021

March 04, 2021

Kicking things off for March, we have a bucket of heat dropping from the Sword-wielding boys. Along with new shirting and bottoms, including the long-awaited  S710SXJ-SSG "Shinsengumi Jeans", we have a bunch of restocked fan favorite regular models.
The first of Samurai's latest shirting range for S/S 2021,  the new 10oz. indigo x black dyed denim fabric featured in a work shirt motif is adorned with a unique "Kenmanmon" discharge print pattern. 
A form of Apotropaic magic, Kenmanmon patterns were believed to ward off harm and evil spirits. The spiritual guardians of shrines and temples take the form of Lion-dogs known as Komainu. The featured patterns are adaptations of the curly nature of the Komainu hair, said to represent the sun (a symbol of auspiciousness). The symbology behind the radial-style pattern is that each tuft of hair appears to chase one-another similar to the Buddhist Manji symbol.
Another hard-hitter from the Osaka OGs.  Developed from scratch by the team at Samurai, Indigo yarns that have been tediously dyed using the traditional kasezome method, are meticulously arranged to form the unique diamond and stripe pattern that is seen in their new Sashiko shirts.
Kasezome is the art of skein dyeing, a hand dyeing method by wrapping undyed yarns into a loose coil and dipping them into a vat of Asagi Indigo (in this instance). The yarns are dyed to the core while still retaining their original texture, a feat only possible when the yarns are dyed by hand.
The shirts will be available in either Natural (pictured above) or Gray (pictured below) colorways.
No strangers to the workwear game, Samurai have added a new model to their "Heavy Chino" collection. Featuring the classic Silver lamé Selvedge ID, the broken twill fabric consisting of twisted sulphur-dyed black yarns is one of the stealthiest fabrics on the surface yet crazy when the cuff is revealed.
Adopting the classic SJ42CP model, the new pants have a very roomy set of rises along with a wide leg for that true Regular Straight cut.
Along with their latest offerings, a few models from last year are back on our shelves! If you had missed out on the first run of their S520XX 21oz. Jeans, now is your time to catch up on what you need to know!
Samurai's updated S713VX Slim Tapered Selvedge is also back, with the second edition featuring two changes.
While the renewed S713VX-II model for 2021 no longer features Samurai's red rayon tag from previous seasons, a new S∀MURAI tab is featured on the back right pocket. The contrast back pocket stitching from previous seasons has also been replaced by a much more subtle navy color stitch.
Samurai's new S/S 2021 items drop on 3/3 @ Midnight (JST)

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