Studio D'Artisan | 'Crazy' Selvedge Denim Jeans

February 04, 2017

The ultimate denim mash-up.
When a 15.5oz. Selvedge met a 14oz. Selvedge and decided to combine forces.
✔️️  One pair, Two unique Selvedge denim
✔️️  Assymetrical rear pockets, each with unique arcuate stitch color
✔️️  Two different Leather waistband patches
Right leg features a Red Selvedge ID on the heavier of the two, 15.5oz. Unsanforized Selvedge denim.
The Left leg features a 14oz. Unsanforized denim featuring a Purple Selvedge ID.
Contrast of depth and hue of Indigo becomes particularly evident out in the sun.

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