Free Worldwide Shipping, Always

February 03, 2014

We are really excited to announce that we now offer Free Worldwide Shipping to any country that the services we ship with from Japan are willing to go till. As we are growing, the scale of our dispatched packages have increased and we have developed relationships with several carriers that allow us to ship to places we previously could not. 

For our respected clientele who have been shopping with us for a while, you will notice that there is a slight price jump in some of the items that we carry. Please rest assured though, that with the Free Shipping integrated into the system, the final price you pay will be actually cheaper than it used to be when we charged for shipping. Although Japan Blue Jeans were about $150 before our price adjustments, shipping those jeans to LA for example, would cost an additional $27.5 for shipping, bringing the total to $177.50. With our new system in place, that same pair will be yours for just the retail price and no more, which in this case is $175.

Overall, this system will make it both easier, and in most cases, more cost effective to purchase your denim directly from Japan. Feel free to e-mail us at with any questions or concerns you may have about our most recent updates.

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