PRAS : Paradise Rubber Athletic Shoes

August 11, 2015

Designed and developed from the ground up by Anachronorm Designer and Founder, Tanushi Tomoki, the PRAS line of footwear marks a new standard in Made in Japan Vulcanized sole sneakers. With only two factories left in all of Japan still able to churn out Vulcanized soles (both are in Kurume city, Shikoku), and no factory (yes, none at all) in the United States that is still manufacturing this style of heavy duty sole, these are rare to say the least.

Beyond the scarcity of the products themselves though, the real charm is in the fact that these are manufactured much in the same way that footwear was developed by the US Navy during the war. The Vulcanized soles gave extra traction on the deck, allowing for versatile movements in any weather condition. This rich history along with the serious durability factor, this new range of footwear by PRAS really excites us.

These are slated for a mid-Fall release, and although we haven't got a set release date on these yet, they are intended to deliver around the middle of November 2015! For now, take a look at the Vulcanized Indigo Sneakers by Anachronorm that were produced in the same factory as the upcoming PRAS line.

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