XX-18oz-013 Restock | The best damn heavyweight option around

April 24, 2017

Pure Blue Japan have done it again. We waited. And waited. The wait is finally over.
So you can imagine the excitement when this load of pure slubby Selvedge in our favorite silhouette by the brand just got delivered back to our inventory (it's been 1.5 years!).
This was a special request production to the brand by us, as we had seen the 18oz. Selvedge fabric on several other cuts (like the new Cigarette Slim XX-015), but never on the XX-013.
The development of the 18oz. fabric has been an addition to the brand lineup since 2015. There have been heavyweight options available from the brand in the past, such as a 24oz. fabric in several silhouettes, but the 18oz. Selvedge on the XX-013 Slim Tapered cut is a first. 

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