5 perfect pairs to rock this Summer

May 18, 2017

The XX-019's, one of our favorite pairs that dropped this year. It's not just the Relaxed Tapered cut with the higher rise and smallest leg opening in the lineup that we're digging, this 13.8oz. Nep Selvedge that they custom produced specifically for this cut is unlike anything we've ever seen. Ask anyone that owns or has seen a pair in person - the Nep is on a whole 'nother level.
Even at 13.8oz, we felt this pair deserves a place on this list - the fabric is a very loose tension with a ton of nep, making it very breathable and wearable through the hotter months. I've got a pair on today, and granted it's not peak summer or anything, but these are easily the most all-weather pair on the market by PBJ.
Without sacrificing even a tad on quality and construction, SDA manage to break the price a lot while still maintaining all the overspec details that we have come to love about the Osaka brand. Raised belt loops, hidden rivets, chainstitched construction, back pocket arcuates - nothing has been sacrificed & all at a sub-$200 price point!
Taking a step away from the 14.7 & 15.7 oz. fabrics that Momotaro is most renown for, the 1705sp goes light using a 10oz. Selvedge cut from the same long-staple Zimbabwe cotton. The long-staple nature of Zimbabwe cotton yields some of the softest Selvedge denim on the market, and at only 10oz's, this one is a sure bet for the sweltering heat.
Alright, alright, we know. It's a 15oz fabric, how are we going to claim this as an ideal summer pair? While theoretically rocking 15oz's through the summer may seem absurd, allow us to explain the exception that is the S003JP Yamato pair by Samurai Jeans. 
The Selvedge fabric is a bi-blended cotton of 40% Supima, 60% Egyptian - two of the finest sourced cotton's in the world. Egyptian, is primarily known for its luxurious softness while Supima is renowned for its light breathability while still being durable. Couple two of the finest & softest cotton yarns together, and you have an Unsanforized pair that is surprising soft and easy to wear right after the first soak.
Probably the most underrated pair on the list, the Kamikaze MHK clocks in at what seems to be a tad heavy for the summer (14.21oz's to be precise), but the tighter tension Sanforized fabric has a light and breathable feel to it. Plus, you can't beat Kamikaze's 5th Pocket Selvedge details!
And the +1 Bonus pair...
So the hardcore denimheads are going to hate us for this one, but sometimes a little PU mixed in with the cotton can really pick up a pair (in this case its 98% Cotton / 2% PU). And Burgus throw in that stretch in such a subtle way, you still feel like you're rocking premium Japanese denim - just with a little extra give. And because this silhouette is cut the slimmest of the entire Burgus range, a little stretch actual goes a long way (your family jewels will thanks us later!).

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