5 ways to cuff your Jeans like a G

July 18, 2017

1. "Tokyo Turnup"
We call this one the Tokyo Turnup, as this has been a go-to look for the past 12 months in the city.
The Tokyo Turnup is essentially first doing a Supacuff (see below), and then folding that in half in order to get a standard cuff size but with a shorter hem length and even smaller leg opening.
2. "Classic Americana"
The Classic - two folds up, standard cuff size for that quintessential badge of quality.
3. Supacuff
Our buds Victor & Greg show us what it means to Supacuff (please don't walk around like this).
4. "New New, NYC"
We call this that New New, because this has quickly become a standard way to cuff your jeans when wearing a low profile sneaker and you want to really accentuate the footwear in your outfit.
How to do a Pinroll cuff:
Pinch around an inch of fabric to get the leg opening at just the right size for your preference.
Fold the jeans up into another cuff while maintaining the pinched fabric from the previous step and tucking the pinch into the new cuff.
And voila, you're now a Hypebeast!
5. "City Standard"
Classic. Clean. Yet still bold as hell. Our favorite way of rocking the cuff by far. Tapered to your ideal length and leaving just an extra 2cm, in order to get a single short cuff.

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