Introducing The Factory Made

February 04, 2021

New Year, new brand. This one has been in the works for a while and we are stoked to finally bring on The Factory Made to our lineup for 2021.
Hailing from Osaka and founded in 2017, The Factory Made have established themselves as a powerhouse for producing comprehensive hat styles using unique fabrics and unbeatable construction while injecting subtle touches of playfulness and combining both modern and traditional elements into each design.
Narrowing down the selection for the initial launch was very tough given their extensive portfolio of wonderfully constructed hats. To kick things off the 11 styles we have featured hopefully encompass the passion and uniqueness behind The Factory Made's operation.
1. The Factory Made Selvedge Denim 6-Panel Cap
Featuring a 6-panel lightweight Denim sourced from Okayama, combined with a sturdy leather-lined brim...
The Selvedge 'salute' at the rear-left panel is one of our favorite details we have seen thus far from the folks over at TFM.
2. The Factory Made Denim Vet Cap
The Vet Cap -  A marriage of American souvenir jacket culture and Okayama's fabled Denim fabrics.

The tiger embroidery and 福 'Fuku'(Japanese for 'fortune') felt logo are among some of the most recognizable and iconic works of art featured on American Souvenir Jackets in post-war Japan. 

3. The Factory Made Selvedge Denim Blanket Cap

4. The Factory Made "Tatami Denim" Cap
An innovative concept brought to fruition by the Factory Made Team, the unique Tatami weave fabric was developed by working closely with Tatami craftsmen in Okayama.
What is especially impressive is how malleable the resulting panels are, ensuring comfortable wear from the very beginning.
4. The Factory Made Distressed Indigo Sashiko 6-Panel Cap
5. The Factory Made Indigo Sashiko Bucket Hat
Harnessing that outdoorsy energy, this hat single handedly just made camping and sashiko go hand in hand.
A meticulously and time consuming construction process, each piece features a hand braided Indigo Sashiko rope wrapping around the back and running along each side of the hat as a tie down feature to secure the hat in place.
6. The Factory Made Selvedge Denim Camp Hat
Featuring a vintage 14oz. Selvedge denim sourced from Okayama, the Camp Hat motif is based on the Daisy May hat introduced to the US military in the 1930s. The hat saw service in all theaters of the Second World War, until it was eventually phased out in 1943. 
The Selvedge detailing and contrast white stitching serve as a salute not only to the denim fabric itself but the unbeatable construction of Okayama's garments that we have all come to know and love, which The Factory Made have highlighted in meticulous fashion.
7. The Factory Made Ultrasuede® Jet Cap
First developed in 1970 by Toray Industries scientist, Miyoshi Okamoto, Ultrasuede® still stands as the finest sustainable alternative for animal hide suede even 50 years on since its inception. Going beyond just function in fashion, Ultrasuede® is notoriously common as upholstery for automobiles and even airplanes.
Aesthetically almost identical to actual suede, the merit of Ultrasuede® is that it does not discolor or stain, and can even be washed in a conventional home washing machine. Furthermore due to it's weave composition, it is resistant to fraying or piling even with extended wear.
8. The Factory Made Wool Check Ultrasuede® Jet Cap
Featuring a wool blend check material, while the fabric itself gives off old-school British Tweed vibes the combination of the Jet Cap silhouette and Ultrasuede brim gives this a true modern look.
Unique to this hat are the two snap-buttons featured on the adjustable Ultrasuede strap.
9. The Factory Made Organic Cotton M1941 6-Panel Cap
Taking a sustainable approach to the production of this cap, the organic cotton used for the fabric is derived from recycled cotton sourced from all over the world. 
The Factory Made have carefully dyed the lightweight fabric to replicate the light olive hue of the iconic American M1941 Field Jacket.
10. The Factory Made Corduroy 6-Panel Cap
11. The Factory Made Indigo Sashiko Muffler
While we can wholly stand by TFM as the specialists of Made in Japan Hats, we could not turn down the opportunity to also feature their Indigo Sashiko Muffler in our launch lineup. 
Given the extra thick nature of the fabric in tandem with the ultra-warm boa lining, the hole-to-loop serves as the well needed touch of functionality to ensure a very comfortable wrap around the wearer's neckline. 
The Factory Made launch collection drops on 2/5 @ Midnight (JST)

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