Japanese denim's Crème de la crème | 17.5oz. "Hank Dyed" Natural Indigo Selvedge

July 26, 2018

When Pure Blue Japan e-mailed us the shipment notification for our restock of their elusive and coveted AI line, we get excited. Real excited.
Nothing can replicate the tedious work ethic of Tokushima Indigo Artisans who have meticulously perfected the art of Natural Indigo Hank Dyeing.
Hank Dyeing, simply put, refers to the process of dipping the Warp and Weft yarns of the jeans in an indigo dye that has been derived from the leaves of the Indigofera plant.
And that detail driven work ethic speaks for itself with the results - not all denim is created equal, and these are simply supreme.
The streaky aesthetic of the Unsanforized denim is a common characteristic of Hank Dyed denim and other fabrics.
PBJ Original Hardware (buttons & rivets)
One of the charms of PBJ's "Aizome" line is the painfully slow fading process. These will take years to get serious wear, both a positive and negative aspect of this particular denim, depending on who you ask.
Natural Deerskin waistband leather patch for the kill
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