Pure Blue Japan 22oz-011's are here!

April 07, 2018

Following the success of the previous 22oz-013 jeans, we're proud to be the first retailer to bring the brand new 22oz-011 jeans to market. While we were completely unaware of this fact, PBJ actually produced the 22oz-013 & 22oz-011 fabric is tandem, they just never announced or released this specific fabric when the 22oz-013 dropped.
Then they made an appearance, in that iconic Indigo x Gray Left denim that is quintessentially XX-011. 
That 22oz. Indigo x Gray wave.
These are only available in One Wash denim, and will stretch approximately 1.5" in the waist, .5" in the rises, thighs and knees.
EDIT: Please note that these jeans were previously advertised as Left Hand Twill, which was a clerical error on the part of Okayama Denim. These are not Left Hand Twill, but a Right Hand Twill version of the same Indigo x Gray combination that is unique to the XX-011, but in an overweight 22oz rendition.

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